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As communications evolve, the world produces more and more data. Today, the vast majority of data in a company is unstructured and requires new classification and extraction methods.

With ABBYY Smart Classifier you integrate easy-to-use next generation document classification into your product offering and empower your customers to take control of their information, turn it into an asset and use it to their advantage.

Join our free webinar to learn how this ABBYY SDK can radically simplify your customers’ classification workflow process. 

Webinar: Take your document classification to the next level with ABBYY Smart Classifier
Date: Thursday, 19 January 2017
Time: 2pm GMT | 3pm CET (duration: 45 minutes)
Language: English
Audience: ISVs, providers and developers of software solutions


Your presenter:

Michael Fuchs, Technology Evangelist ABBYY Europe

For over 10 years, Michael Fuchs communicates technical insights, use-cases and benefits of ABBYY’s different technologies and products for text recognition, classification, data extraction and semantics.

Webinar highlights:

  • Why do we need document classification?
  • Architecture – components for setup, training, back-end
  • Classification approach – linguistic features
  • Machine learning – no special end-user skills required for model setup
  • APIs – processing, model training
  • Smart Classifier demo – model setup and evaluation, documentation and code samples, class definition and selection of relevant training documents

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If you are interested in a business overview and use case scenarios of ABBYY Smart Classifier, you are welcome to register for the business-oriented webinar “Next Generation Document Classification with ABBYY Smart Classifier” (17 January 2017, 2pm GMT | 3pm CET)

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Take your document classification to the next level with ABBYY Smart Classifier

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